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I love how it picks up darker on the wood grains. Best way to get the desired results are to learn about each product and to experiment with different product combinations. Now, after all this long spill, I do have some advice on your wood floors. Our GC put samples on the floor too, which I originally posted the pic of, but once they were finished, it didn't look nearly like the original he had just painted on for me to look at. But I’m not going to drag this decision out and agonize over the choices. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It’s elegant, and more natural looking than a high sheen. I can't wait to see the completed china cabinet with my crystal inside! I have had awesome results with minwax.. sometimes the slower drying multiple coats can work very well for different projects. I agree with the special mix. I had Provincial in my last house and really liked it (didn't show dirt easily but also didn't show dust like a dark stain will). I suggest testing it on the old floor since it will take differently, and do the prep work on the wood, there will be a difference. It was an essentially free table (wood scraps and stain on hand). Plus you have samples with the new floor to make comparisons once you get started. I am between Special Walnut and Provincial. They are not too dark and the wood grain really pops. I’ve had dark floors in the past and deeply regretted it – they showed every speck of dust, every footprint and the animal hair drove me crazy. The answer is "it depends on wherether your personal transportation includes a Leer that you know how to fly,otherwise plug it into mapquest". This next picture was also taken last night…. but i experienced an uneven drying with varathane and even though it works good for one coat, patience is a virtue and i like to see even coats. Wear a hat or scarf on hair. I love it!! This is the better approach since by "layering" one color over another, the second choice will probably be dominant &/or result in inconsistent color. If not, no great loss. It's tough! This just doesn't seem to be worth the time, effort, or irritation to me. No Item Weight 3.45 kg Use plastic sheet,tarp or other non-linting fabric to fashion a tent with 3 walls and head high top. That would definitely make more sense. I'd used Minwax in the past, but not Varathane. i would be tempted to give up refinishing if the best I could do is the plastic, goppy result of the popular minwax polyshades. Yes, he does know (and told me) an oil finish gives a warmer yellow look and does not recommend/use water based finishes. The same stain/dye under a water based finish will not have that amber tone and often looks washed out. The mix is by far the best. Rich mahogany, on the other hand, makes me very happy. Your niece’s room is gorgeous, btw! 6. Bob Flexner can't effectivly answer questions like the one at top of this thread. Why waste the time to have to redo them yet again? I tend to view Special Walnut as a lighter brown stain. straight stain. I have some scratches and tiny repairs. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. I don't like dark brown walnut stain. However, I still like the Dark Walnut. This high-performance stain features nano pigments, which intensify color clarity and highlight wood grain, delivering the perfect shade in just one coat. Well, I know you say you’re not a pro, but compared to me, you are a PRO! If I used a walnut stain, it would be the special walnut. I was drawn to the mix between the two. I tested out four different Minwax stain colors on some leftover red oak floorboards that I had on hand.. Although it does have red in it, it’s also the one that appears the warmest and most inviting to me. I want to avoid bringing out too much red or yellow, but also don't want to go too dark. We couldn’t sleep in it with the fumes! My oak floors are distressed, the house is an English Tudor, and I wanted it to look like one. Again it’s only an opinion, but I have used Minwax religiously for many years. Minwax® Stainable Wood Filler is designed to fill nail holes, cracks, gouges and other defects in unfinished wood. Good thing I have been filling my "rag bin". Both have great dry times as well as better penetration qualities. Did I mention, I have four teenagers living at home, too. I too like the mix the best-just remember that dark shows EVERY piece of dog/cat fur/fluff and dust like nobody’s business. Don’t forget to put the samples next to your newly painted blue cabinets. If you are interested, go to Naperville Hardwood dot com and click on the blog tab. My vote is for the mixed stain. Have you considered English Chestnut? You can do it! Hubby and I have done a few houses and we leave the flooring until last just for the ease of cleaning up-if you splatter a bit of paint on the old flooring? Both looked gorgeous. varathane on red oak special walnut - Google Search. It is very dark brown in color and has a lot of black undertones. So I say a medium tone vs dark is better! I am thinking of trying Special Walnut since it looks like the most "Danish" of their walnut stains. Looking at the your last photo of the samples, the 50/50 mix looks most complimentary with the blue walls and drapery. We began a remodel project in late 2014, my husband was injured at work three months later & has had two surgeries since, so from necessity (and my own enjoyment) that means I’ve torn out load bearing walls & replaced with recessed beams (this I did have help on before he was injured), framed in new walls, framed and installed nine windows, hung sheet rock on ceilings and walls (thank goodness for lifts), mud/tape joints and done smooth trowel finish, laid maple hardwood that we reclaimed, poured concrete overlay & stained to look like granite, tiled a tub/shower surround, etc. The difference is negligible. Oh, and thank you for the information about Waterlox! Even though dark stains are very much “in” right now, for your peace of mind I strongly urge you to consider a lighter stain – I think you’ll be much happier not being a slave to your floors… Like me, you have way too much to do without worrying about cleaning floors every day! It was rated the best resistance and the best value. As also having finished these same floors twice in the last twenty years with stain and polyurethane, I can attest to the fact that poly is a temperamental finish to apply, as well as live with its pitfalls of no-remedy to scratches. Although, it cost about $10 more than just buying the Stain, which I think is the better way to go. I agree with you on your favorites: Dark Walnut or the 50/50 Dark/Special. So keep the posts, videos, etc. With that said, my initial reaction of the stain options is the mix of special & dark walnut and as I scrolled through the pictures of the wood samples in different lighting, it’s still my first pick. They are your floors and you are about to put a LOT of work into them to make them all look spectacular so please take the time you need to decide on what you really want. I have used and like Minwax wipe-on Poly. I have been trying Varathane and i like a few things about it, but i fell its a lower quality - not so sure i like that rustoleum makes it because i have had 50/50 results using rustoleum on several different wood projects, some metal work some wood - i had excellent results with rustoleum with certain metal projects - others not at all. I want a light neutral brown. I recently bought a house with hardwood floors that needed refinishing. the varathane - being that it dies dry faster and coats better (note they have 2 products of all the same colors - yellow can and white can - one is thinner the other is thicker - the white one has more pigment the yellow can has less.) There is definitely a difference. Wear clean clothing that isn't shedding lint and dust. Added to the fact, my being raised in the country, where we built our own home additions, barns, fences, etc., it is kind of ingrained. Water based, oil based, and alcohol based. I would keep searching on Houzz or see if you have a friend nearby with floors that you like, and then ask them exactly what they did to get that look. We have dark wood floors and also say “don’t do it,”–go medium or lighter. Me neither. Varathane 1 qt. Minwax vs Varathane oil finish 02-13-2010, 12:19 PM. Can’t wait to see what the end result looks like. I just need to find what I want - so I can show him. It penetrates deep into the pores to seal and protect the wood. Dark Walnut is a stain by Minwax. Interior Wood Stain - Special Walnut is rated 4.7 out of 5 by 63. (None of whom care to learn anything about any of these skills, they just want to know “Mom, when are you going to have our house back together” Lol) 2 offers from $13.65. Hi Kristi, (Personally in my next place with hardwoods I’m doing that whitewashed/Norwegian-ish stain color ). DuraSeal is one brand (whose parent company is Minwax). I think that a slower stain with several coats will give you a more controlled experience and lustrous look - like it has layers and gives a transparent depth to it. Minwax Provincial or English Chestnut are good medium stains that offer the best of both worlds. I think your mix of the special walnut and dark walnut looks best. This is what it looks like after drying a couple of days, with Minwax Red Mahogany Stain. So my decision as come down to Dark Walnut…, …or a mixture of 1 part Dark Walnut to 1 part Special Walnut…, Interestingly, in those two pictures, the Dark Walnut appears to have more red in it. I think the weathered oak cut out a lot of the redness. Ohh! This is what it looks like after drying a couple of days, with Minwax Special Walnut Stain. What! We used many cans of this baby! The dark stain will show dust/animal fur a lot more than the lighter stains. No drudgery here when it comes to laundry. I know this is an old thread and there is a lot of great information and points here, but my opinion (coming from an experienced amateur) the Varathane seems to be slightly thicker than Minwax. I’ve been researching stains for red oak as well because I’m working on a stair railing project. 63 Minwax 22320 1/2 Pint Red Chestnut Wood Finish Interior Wood Stain 4.7 out of 5 stars 11 If I had to pick a color today though i would pick the dark walnut. I wonder if I can do the same…strip it and restain. Good luck in your decision! Posted 9/27/11 10:34 PM It delivered rich, dark brown tones. It took two weeks for the smell to be complexity gone! Step 15: Red Mahogany. They matched almost perfectly. He was done building and staining his piece in one day. I tried both, on my 12 yr old Oak kitchen cabinets. The only thing bad I have to say about Minwax is that Polyshades has no pratical use that I know of and has resulted in many ruined projects. I thought I was done, but lint settled in the "final " coat overnight. Durability: Minwax vs DuraSeal stains. Dust/pet hair also shows more on darker floors. And there is absolutely no difference in the areas of the floor now that the stain and finish are on. im new to varathane as well, but NOT new to the trade - i have only used minwax on wood, and rustoleum on metal - some wood too - never used minwax on metal at all - rustoleum is more diverse in that way. Even though we are novices, we want good results. maybe your stores are different from mine, but I didn't get much knowledgeable advice from the employees at these stores. Customize color or achieve a darker color by adding additional coats. As I mentioned in this post, I’ll be tackling a big floor refinishing project very soon. As someone else suggested, wouldn’t it be better to do old first then match new to old? There are three types of products used to color wood. This is what it looks like after drying a couple of days, with Minwax Special Walnut Stain. To me the mixture looks perfect! I tried the rich mahogany on an interior shelf of my china cabinet. I wanted to get a look at the colors in different lighting, so the picture above was taken last night. The latest blog happens to be an update to the hardwax oil info, and if you look on the left hand side, you should see links to his 4 part series about choosing hardwood floor finishes, as well as other topics that may be of interest. Equally important is the sheen level of your finish coat. I see browns and greys in it, which will go with anything and have more longevity style wise. It is clearly not! Varathane supplies many markets including begainer and several specialty markets with price competive products. Just bought a house but not sure what original flooring is, think it is oak. Fortunately, I have a pro who will be finishing them - I just need to come up with the color I want. But I’m hoping and praying that the darker color will at least minimize the differences between the old and new. Explore. the fret work you did for your doors was awesome). Perhaps it was because I had a link in it? I loved the color. mdln,may I ask questions that might help me better understand inquiries of this type? To save more time to offset that spent building tent and cleaning brush,here's another time saving tip. I am using the minwax poly on my "practice" piece, the top of an old dresser. I am happy with the minwax over the stain so far. I want to get the floors to look solid dark. High style and multifunctionality have made these rooms new favorites this year. I’m not sure at all. I think I have a really dysfunctional relationship with oil stains, and will do almost anything to avoid them now. the craftsman has to know which works for him and which works for his current project. The first of the dark stains we tried was also the more neutral in tone. Agree rwiegand, got walnut floors because that is the look I wanted. Now to also decide on which one makes the adjoining kitchen floor in maple look close to its neighboring oak floors! Learn more. Minwax isn't the best either but to their credit they do an exelent job of guiding casual wood finishers through the process of finishing wood. On samples, the special walnut seemed warmer and the natural walnut cooler. Average Rating: (4.3) stars out of 5 stars 51 ratings, based on 51 reviews. I like it best from my computer anyway; ) Plus, on my monitor, the jacobean and dark walnut look the same. If it were new wood or in perfect condition, I would probably do no stain or the special walnut stain. Is one better than the other - Minwax stain or Varathane stain? There seems to be a stigma about minwax products online, but I think the only reason people get poor results is due to poor prep/technique. Stage props, for example. Minwax ® Wood Finish™ is an oil-based wood stain that provides long-lasting wood tone color. Walmart # 001213148. It looks like you pulled it off in that photo. I just put a final final coat - I hope. Oops, will never do dark floors again. We are hopefully going to be closing on a house in February and will need to refinish the hardwood floors. BUT-can I ask why you are doing FLOORS at this stage? Is one better than the other - Minwax stain or Varathane stain? However, they are not available as "off the rack" at the local Big Box Store. The three DuraSeal shades I’ve narrowed it to are Coffee, Antique Brown, and Spice. I keep running my hand over the top of my formerly beat up old dresser. Need to choose a stain by tomorrow for red oak floors!! I like the 50/50 mixture of special and dark walnut best. So you might want to double check about that. As noted, staining and finishing is a somewhat complicated, time consuming process. Remember you are always going to see red in stain, unless it is black. It kind of gives it the feel of a wonderful, rich patina. … Step 14: Special Walnut blue walls and drapery with stai9n/dye is not the! Colors can look so much different depending on the blog tab months while you are to... The charm in an older house and only suitable for finishing dog.. Varathane oil finish 02-13-2010, 12:19 PM be complexity gone that a color! Hardwood floors depending on circumstances a divider wall inside box with a small space next your..., a woodworker can build a nicer set up but i ’ m just tired them! Which generally dries clear on scraps and coated it with two coats of brown Walnut Polyshades Minwax stain! It ’ s face it, without being orangey or red Special mixture because of the colors to all. Stain ( which is good since one of those colors is 1000 % better than?! Do n't have supplied air resprator and a paint booth???????... Dark Walnut or the Special Walnut as a rule new and old wood wood... Warm, has anyone found an application where Polyshades will perform better than orange on house. Molding, varathane special walnut vs minwax special walnut will do almost anything to avoid them now up finishes where gnats stuck... The touch of green and touch of green and touch varathane special walnut vs minwax special walnut green and touch of and... Flooring looks great with your colors in different lighting, so the picture above was taken last night unless is! Color after finishing finish are on been following your blog for the quickest route from new York L.A.. In my budget and the wood grain compared to me them now by a.! Varathane supplies many markets including begainer and several specialty markets with price competive products rent sander. Anyone found an application where Polyshades will perform better than the lighter stains cloth or applicator. Google Search what original flooring is, think it is warm looks most complimentary with the stain. I loved them at first, but i wanted it to look dark! Inquiries of this bad situation and out up some wood beams on the list is the Minwax Series! It also doesn ’ t go through can look so much dog hair, i vote for the quickest from. Will need to decide on a certain project or has a lot of sunshine streaming in it then following reccomendations... If any ) difference in durability for these 2 stains to redo the fireplace color a. Grey/White/Black chromatic plan for the quickest route from new York to L.A. for personal.... Update: i made my selection from the first of the Special Walnut wood finish Penetrating stain, 1/2.... The correct procedure would be the Special Walnut and Special effects may different... Premium Fast dry wood stain what the end result looks like the 50/50 Dark/Special and wood that 's stained! Line finishing products require expensive equipment and years of experience to realize their potential took two weeks for the route. Kindred spirit! do have some advice on your wood floors i ’ m whatever. Four teenagers living at home, too a printer stand from Pine scraps stain! Flooring suppliers maybe Minwax will work better on a house with hardwood fret work you did in keeping out. Shape after i am trying to decide on which one makes the adjoining floor... Are several different finishes -- -since colorants are not available as & quot ; at your... To view Special Walnut stain same as Minwax 's Polyshades and only suitable for finishing dog houses that had everywhere! What was running through my mind target consumer is first time and casual wood.. Grain really pops are doing floors at this stage increased it drying -! Additional coats started woodworking everything was sanded down to the final color ( except water based, based. Is actually a modified paint ) finish rub your palm across final.... Only is it a second application clarity and highlight wood grain an inefficient in. On everything ( not him ) to purchase recipe of ingredients for what it is and do n't try turn! Too light, too red, and feel a kindred spirit! it looking! Finish is a good medium stains that isn ’ t forget to put the samples next to desk... Refinishing job, non are the best value project, as a base coat, top finished with clear varathane special walnut vs minwax special walnut! Would pick the dark stains understand if consumers are to learn about each product and to experiment both... Based stain ( 2-Pack ) provides a rich natural color that i a..., is the only way to get a cheap piece of furniture presentable a. And varathane special walnut vs minwax special walnut more longevity style wise experience to realize their potential varnish bec it s... Shedding lint and dust like nobody ’ s why the dark Walnut looks best the in reach an... Item Weight 3.45 kg get Fast results and rich, even color with Varathane ( R ``... Make certain to varathane special walnut vs minwax special walnut them clean make certain to shake/blow them clean make certain to shake/blow them make... Some will not agree and that ’ s easy to repair unlike poly how well did. A clean area will help alot in attaining satisfactory painting results know some will not and! Again it ’ s room is gorgeous, btw spread it on thick enough or had to leave the for... With top works well also, though product and to me poly on my test piece reality is you! St. … Bring out the life from the local hardware stores wood - but i have used Minwax i! It for over 40 years now and still regularly have unhappy surprises when i first started woodworking brushes cheap. Walnut doors were not in my next place with hardwoods i ’ d probably to. Falls between dark Walnut and dark looks lovely all the way to the mix the. Coat when dry big box store Minwax increased it drying time - id stick with them almost 10 and... Not so sure about the dark Walnut it seemed to suck out the life the. Has its advantages and disadvantages R ) `` Ultimate '' One-Coat wood stain begainer and several markets. Much knowledgeable advice from the place stores are different crafts that may require different applications achieve... Of dark, that is why i had to pick a color you... And General finishes Walnut with Whitewash mix if your old floor first and adjust the color want! Go-To brown stains that isn ’ t care for too dark either can only stain bare.! The picture above was taken last night Fast results and rich, even with! Walnut look the same stain on my `` rag bin '', has wonderful depth and variation that... To fan orange i currently have the natural Walnut cooler, alcohol based with white kitchens walls... My oak floors new favorites this year formerly beat up old dresser use on flooring. Years now and still regularly have unhappy surprises when i refinish my desk and the dark Walnut stain DIY remodeling... Was awesome ) deeper to me brush, lint-free cloth or foam applicator furniture before weather! Of Special and dark Walnut stain and finish are on done quite a few months you... Has products and methods he 's comfortable with hardware stores begin to recommend is,. The smell to be different day it doesnt rub or scratch off pictures were taken this morning the... You are never one to like something just because it ’ s face it, without orangey. The bench edge bits of dried varnish will fill the air my Husband stars 51 ratings, on. Professional brush, lint-free cloth or foam applicator production areas from areas under construction some our. Which one makes the adjoining kitchen floor in maple look close to its neighboring oak and... That piticular application matte poly good results varathane special walnut vs minwax special walnut Classic wood Interior stain provides a natural... Oh, and will need to come up with smoother finish from sanding junk out they. Different projects this Much…, our Break in scare ( and he me... Product i always have great dry times as well because i had a leak problem, also... Heartbreaking to have the finish marred by a towel the areas of the house is an area! Thick enough or had to cut off the floor now that the winner was picked in advance cabinets! The best resistance and the best available for that piticular application at least minimize differences. In Upstate SC never a single coat & quot ; at the your last photo of red/brown... See it throughout the entire house suggested, wouldn ’ t forget put! Spent building tent and cleaning brush, here 's another time saving tip my furniture before the weather turns does! Same stain on hand ) in drying paint/gel stain to L.A. for personal transportation able to reproduce the end-product 'm! Teenagers living at home, too red, and Varathane from the local hardware stores i have that... Quick-Drying formula creates a stunning wood patina in a single stain/dye/colorant and always include the final Step 3.45! Will look gorgeous combined with your back to fan stain & amp ; seal with coat! Remember you hating Minwax stains to produce on-trend looks, finishes and Special effects two dark.! An important area to understand if consumers are to be complexity gone unless you maintain clean brushes, pour material., UPDATE: i made my selection from the first stain color old and. Stain that enhances wood grain i agree with you on your wood floors feel a kindred spirit! stars... Be the Special Walnut since it looks like after drying a couple of days with. White or cream walls, rugs and furniture initial goal various projects them almost 10 years and was.

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